Moultons are the brainchild of Alex Moulton, an innovative engineer famous for the classic Mini’s rubber and fluid-interconnected suspension system of the late 1950s and early 60s that went on to form the smooth riding characteristics of over eight million British cars from the BMS1100 to the Rover MGF. Alex Moulton is also famous for his breakaway from the norm with his small-wheeled full suspension Moulton bicycle of 1962 (a separable not folding model) which won many long distance races, including breaking the Cardiff to London Record of 1962, before being banned from competition by French UCi ruling.

Double Pylon Moulton

The Moulton went on to become a fashion Icon of the 60’s with leading lights such as Peter Sellers, Twiggy and the Persuaders using them around London. Four hundred Moultons a week were being made and sold out of the factory in Bradford on Avon until into the 1970s.

The Moulton Bicycle business is now a smaller but very high-end niche factory with fast growing markets in Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, mainland China, Thailand, Europe and America with a long order book and over ten fan clubs worldwide.

The bicycles that will be ridden for LEL are all models hand-built at the factory in Bradford on Avon. More information on the Moulton range can be found at The Moulton Bicycle Company’s website

Note: The Moulton Bicycle Company are currently looking to employ skilled brazers if anyone knows of one!


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